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Rogers Investment Advisors K.K. is part of the award-winning Wolver Hill group of companies, an Asia-focused alternative investment asset management and advisory group established by Edward J. Rogers in 2006. With offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo, the group has used its local presence to establish best-in-class investment, operations and risk due diligence processes that have been used to create funds that have consistently yielded superior portfolio performance for clients. The group is positioned to capitalize on the growing Asia-focused fund industry through its local presence, global footprint and historical success in seeding and growing Asian financial services businesses.


Our primary goals are to identify and solve clients’ Asian investment problems. Problems range from sourcing superior Asian investment products to raising Asian capital

We have created access to “Best in Class” local and Asia-focused Private Equity and Hedge Fund investment opportunities across multiple, non-correlated strategies and asset classes. We have protected client assets in market downturns while creating significant positive returns during market rallies

We create superior investment results by conducting exhaustive local onsite due diligence prior to investment, complemented by rigorous post-investment oversight

We build the best platform for emerging managers in Asia by providing a top tier support infrastructure including control, compliance and technology, thereby allowing managers to focus on executing their strategies. We can also assist in raising institutional capital through our licensed, onshore entities in Japan and Hong Kong.

Our Research capabilities solve four problems for investors:

Too Far
Asia is not a 14 hour flight away for us. From our offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong we have real-time monitoring and interaction with our Asian managers and investments.

Too Foreign
If you don’t know Asian languages, cultural or business norms, you are at a significant disadvantage as an investor. We are multi-lingual and multi-cultural, giving us a linguistic and cultural arbitrage opportunity in Asia. Many competitors also cannot conduct investment, operations or business due diligence in Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese – giving us a significant, ongoing informational advantage.

Too Small
Asia currently represents 25% of the world's GDP and it's been growing at the fastest rate of any region in the world over the past 50 years. Even so, most US and European investors have failed to directly participate in this incredible growth story. Asian investments represent far too small an allocation in their portfolios. With our local presence, having conquered the problems of "too far" and "too foreign", we are able to open the doors to Asian opportunities.

Too Expensive
Our Asian offices create significant cost advantages. Thanks to our offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo, our onsite due diligence visits are far cheaper for us than for those who have to travel to the region. This allows us to conduct many more onsite visits, and creates superior research information and returns.


Ed Rogers
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer

Yoshiaki Iizuka
Head of Japanese Research

Mina Brase
Office Manager

Len Umantz PhD,CAIA
Head of External Manager Research

Cecilia Melin
Portfolio Manager

Takio Sato
Co-Chief Operating Officer

Makoto Yamakami
Director Business Development

Jason Topaz
Co-Chief Operating Officer

弊社のプロフェッショナルの前職は、伝統資産やヘッジファンド、プライベート・エクイティのバイ・サイド、セル・サイド、プライム・ブローカーや信託銀行、年金コンサルタント等のサービス・プロバイダー、 と多岐にわたり、それぞれ、日本やアジアにおいて、数十年に及ぶ長年の経験を有します。




2014 Winner

HFM Asia Hedge Fund Performance Awards – HedgeFundManager

Category: Fund of hedge funds - Multi-Strategy
This fund of funds was ranked based on the data in BarclayHedge's Database


Multiple Recognition awards since 2013

Category: Fund of funds - Diversified

2012, 2010 Nomination – InvestHedge

Category: Best Asian & Emerging Markets Strategies

2011 Winner

Investment Performance Awards – AsianInvestor

Category: Japan Fund of Funds








Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Rogers Investment Advisors K.K.

Establishment: Feb 24 2006

Capital: 55 mln JPY


32 Shiba Koen Building, 7Fl

3-4-30 Shibakoen, Minato-ku

Tokyo 105-0011



CEO: Edward J.Rogers

Business Licenses:

Type II Financial Instruments Business

Investment Advisory Business

Investment Management Business

Kanto Local Finance Bureau No.1159

Member of Japan Investment

Advisors Association

Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association

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